"Phoenix (1988)"


Phoenix head

"Phoenix" was made by airbrush on prepared cardboard.
Its theme is the legend of the Phoenix,
a creature of fire, like the dragon.
At the end of its life, the Phoenix builds a funeral pyre for itself,
from which the egg of the new generation will appear.
Surely this must be a creature of powerful magic.

The eggshell is the tiara for a powerful sorceror,
and in the eerie light we see the statues of the old Babylonian kings

But to really understand the legend of the phoenix
we will have to decipher the writings in nailscript on the stone plaquette..


Het legendarische airbrush-werk "Phoenix" vertelt over de magische vuurvogel
uit de oudheid. Wie echt de geheimen wil ontsluieren moet even zijn
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