"Roar for Revenge (1986)"

Roar for revenge

"Roar for Revenge" is a work in airbrush on Cardboard,
depicting one of my favourite subjects: a dragon in full
action. Dragons have always been a fascinating subject for me,
both as a key element in many fairytales and fantasy stories,
but also as a special training for me as an artist in "inner vision"
How do you depict a non-existent theme in a realistic way?
This is the key to expression of our dreams and inner thoughts, certainly
something to strive for as a visual artist.

The small dragon has been destroyed, slain.
Roar for revenge corner

But this has only evoked the revenge of a larger, more deadly creature.

A keen observer may have noticed that this picture, with its title,
would make a very nice cover for a hardrock album.
Of course this is the destiny of this work.
In the meantime I have contacted the hardrock formation Inner drive
and they are interested to give it a try.
So more news will follow ....

"Roar for Revenge" ofwel "De wraak van de Draak" is een airbrush-werk op karton.
Oplettende beschouwers hebben vast al gezien dat dit werkje een
uitstekende hoes zou kunnen worden voor een hardrock-CD
Inmiddels heeft de hardrock groep Inner Drive (dark rock from the north)
aangegeven dat ze wel interesse hebben.
Wie weet volgt er binnenkort verder nieuws...

"Die Rache des Drachens"

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