About the artist- Jan van Gogh

Activities and experience:
- Lecturer at the master-class of the Art Center in the Netherlands
- Member of the board for the foundation for glass
as visual art in Utrecht
- Professional guidance for art classes in the Algarve, Portugal
- Free-lance artist
- Active in various initiatives for the commemoration of the great artist
Vincent van Gogh
- Member of the jury in an art manifestation in Paris
- Since 1992 Jan van Gogh has been increasingly involved in music
and ballet shows. His famous icicles were first used in the show
"Melting Ice". This performance, which combines piano-music, dance
and literature, was illustrated by Jan van Gogh with his sparkling
light sculpture. It was put on stage in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Paris.
- Creative contribution to the "house of the future" in 's Hertogenbosch,
the Netherlands
- Interviews and articles about Jans' work and life have been published
in various newspapers in the Netherlands, the Ukraine, and in the USA.
- Jan van Gogh is a member of "beeldrecht" and the artists' union FNV.
His work is represented in the catalogues of the N.B.K.S. and the AKKU
guide for modern art (an initiative of the academy of arts in Tilburg)
- Jan van Gogh is member of the Artists' Union in L'viv, Ukraine

1976-1981 Academy of "Schone kunsten" in Belgium
1979-1981 St. Joost academy of arts, Breda
1980-1982 Academy of arts in Stuttgart
1981-1986 Academy for industrial design in Eindhoven
1983-1990 Active at the Philips Research Laboratories in Eindhoven

1985 Headquarters of the PTT (royal Dutch mail and phone company)
1986 Philips Research laboratories, Eindhoven
1988 Eindhoven University of Technology
1989 NATO headquarters, Mons, Belgium
1990 Glass Art Center, Utrecht
1992 L'espace courtieux, Suresnes, France
1992 Gallery "Europa", Los Osos CA, U.S.A.
1993 International Arts Center, Middelharnis,
1993 Gallery "Brooks and Hays", Los Angeles CA, U.S.A.
1996 Fine arts club, Hollywood CA, U.S.A
1997 Office of the future, 's Hertogenbosch
1997 Castle-Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
1998 Castle Kruybeken, near Antwerp, Belgium
1998 Soisy-sous-Montmorency, Paris, France
1999 Cultural Center, Lviv, Ukraine
1999 Judging for an Art Manifestation in Soisy-sur-Montmorency,
Paris, France
31-12-1999 Making of the painting "Desire" in honour of Vincent van Gogh
in the birth house of this famous painter in Zundert,
under supervision of a notary.
2000: exhibitions in gallery "Bernice" in Luijksgestel
and "Cachet de Gire" in Turnhout, Belgium.
2001: "Roadshow" with painting activities in the Borinage and
Auvers-sur-Oise in preparation of the "van Gogh" year 2003
- Design exhibition with Erco design in Valkenswaard, The Netherlands
- Open studio, atelier-route Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2002: Expo International Artists in the Art Palace in Lviv, Ukraine
Jans' work was put in the catalogue and especially
selected for a calendar that was published especially for this occasion.
Exhibition in the "Riverside Inn" in Grants Pass OR, USA.
Various articles about Jan van Gogh were published in newspapers
in Grants Pass, New York en San Francisco.
2003 (especially 30-mar-2003, Vincent van Goghs' 150 birth year).
Open studio and exhibition in the st. Anna Convent in Zundert
in the framework of the activities to commemorate the 150th
birthday of Vincent van Gogh
Exhibition at Dewys North, Grants Pass OR, USA
Exhibition at the Grants Pass Museum of Art, Grants Pass OR, USA 2004
Taken part in the exhibition at the autumn salon in LVIV in the Ukraine
Open studio and receiving invited guests in the St. Anna convent in Zundert
Exhibition at Dewys North, Grants Pass OR USA
Grants Pass Museum of Arts, Grants Pass OR USA
Showroom with Jan's art in Irvington, near New York
Interview with Boheme magazine on-line (an on-line art journal)
Sent in material for salons in Poland
Proposition for lightsculptures with LED's for "kunstlichtkunst" and Philips Lighting
2009-2012 Exhibition in the embassy of the Ukraine, The Hague, The Netherlands
2009 Park Theatre Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2009 Gallery Art Green Sofa, Lviv, Ukraine
2011 Exhibition of work from members of the Artist Union, Lviv, Ukraine
2013 Exhibition at the Hilton Hotel in The Hague, The Netherlands

A few examples of exhibitions and projects by Jan van Gogh
* Exhibition of Jan van Gogh in the Hilton Hotel in The Hague, The Netherlands
* Art Project Milestone
* Exhibition of Jan van Gogh in Lviv, Ukraine
* Exhibition of Jan van Gogh in Eindhoven and the Ukrainian Embassy, The Hague
* Autumn salon contribution Lviv by Jan van Gogh
* Jan van Gogh and Volodymyr Stetsula at the spring salon 2011 in Lviv, Ukraine

This list of exhibitions is not complete. His work has also been exhibited
in many galleries and companies in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Nowadays, his work is also available on the Internet

Jan van Gogh
P.O. Box 2375
5600 CJ Eindhoven, The Netherlands
phone + 31 40 2910777
mobile phone + 31 6 15366134
E-mail vangogh.artist@yahoo.com