the icicles from Jan van Gogh

Jan van Gogh, Poet in glass,
The glass-sculptures and objects of art of this Artist
from Eindhoven emit a magical radiance and an impressing beauty.
His work , deeply philosophical, is dedicated to the eternal theme
of the fusion between man and nature. The artist, who is deeply
involved in nature, shapes his creations in sculptures of
bronze and glass. The attention is drawn especially to the timeless
monumentalistic sculpture in light and glass, the "ICICLE".
The icicle as a symbol of virgin purity...
Each element of it reflects and guides the light,
like a tango between man and nature. These objects travel
around Mother Earth, to be exhibited in countries like:
the USA, France, Portugal, Germany, the Ukraine, Russia and so on...

Crystal clear...
Light... sharp as a knife
Along the edges of the ice
a reflection of the ice crystal

Feeling cold, down to your toes
nevertheless, the atmosphere warming
by the gentle stroke of sunlight
the cold suddenly disappears

Constructed out of pure light
hanging from the edge of the roof
contrasting against any background
just like that... just like that
shaped by nature

poem by J. van Gogh, dedidated to his work "Icicles"

The Icicles of Jan van Gogh are available in any shape or size

Some more impressions and ideas on how to use the icicles

Jan van Gogh- Artist
P.O.Box 2375, 5600 CJ, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
phone: + 31 40 2910777, fax + 31 40 2910778

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