Bronze sunflower

The journey of the sunflower
Landed in the convents' garden
Growing to eternity

This is the story of how a small sunflower seed
Became a work of art meant to last virtually forever

It all started with a small sunflower seed,
Which was planted in the St. Anna convent in Zundert
The working studio of Jan van Gogh

It grew to produce a marvelous inspiring flower

The artist got the idea to materialize this work of art
of mother nature in more endurable materials: glass and bronze
Now he needed to make a design of his sculpture

Next the shape and texture of the sunflower were transferred
to gypsum and latex in preparation to make a mould for casting

From this gypsum and latex mould a wax forms was cast
in preparation for bronze casting

Now the preparations were ready, and the final object could be made
This wax form was cast in bronze and laid in with glass elements

It was displayed during the open studio exhibition in 2003

Later on the sunflower was re-modelled and texturized
See the amazing result here

If you are interested in the poster, in the techniques which were used,
or if you would like to own your personal version of this great piece
of craftmanship, then please don't hesitate and
contact the artist by E-mail
or phone/ visit the website